Enhancing Lives
Through Nature


We are determined there is a better way

We believe it is possible to grow our business, one outstanding product at a time, with plant-based ingredients that have nothing to hide.

A better planet, with healthier and happier people.

Three principles define who we are and guide the way we do business each and every day:

Seek Better Ingredients

We create formulations with the highest quality, natural raw ingredients, combining modern science with nature to create highly-effective, results-driven products for the mind, body and home.

The disruption is real

Think Future Tense, Then Perfect It

We know that to make meaningful change and reap rewards, we must look beyond “what is,” to conceive of “what’s possible.” We are perpetually seeking out new opportunities, then evaluating, refining and optimizing to ensure we’re creating something outstanding.

Wright & Well

Make Responsible Choices

We have a responsibility to do right - for people and our world. We strive to make the right decision at every turn from choosing recyclable packaging, to selecting renewable ingredients, to hiring based on experience and results over demographics.

Wright & Well

A collection to improve lives - naturally

We have created a collection of wellness brands across skincare to weight management, each of which aims to improve our daily lives - naturally.

With over 500 plant-based product formulations, four Health Canada approvals for NHP products, and over 75 plant-based products for sale through direct to consumer eCommerce platforms and through retail distribution, we have built an innovative plant-based wellness portfolio.

We have the business acumen to navigate industry-wide change, and the talent and experience to create, manufacture, produce and distribute consumer brands with a focus on direct-to-consumer channels.