December 14, 2018 – Vancouver, B.C. – The Yield Growth Corp. (CSE:BOSS, C.BOSS), announces its shares commenced trading on the Canadian Securities Exchange under the symbol BOSS. At the same time, Yield Growth President and CEO Penny White announces the appointment of Sandi Lesueur as President of the 100% owned subsidiary, Urban Juve Provisions Inc., effective immediately.

The Yield Growth Corp. is led by a diverse team of executives dedicated to rapid and sustainable business and financial growth.

Its principal asset is Urban Juve, an Ayurveda-inspired skin care and beauty brand that rejuvenates and nourishes from within: spirit to skin. Urban Juve’s key ingredient — cannabis sativa hemp root oil — combines with natural and pure essential oil-based formulations to create quality products that are now available online and will soon be available at select retail stores across Canada.

The newly appointed President of Urban Juve is accomplished cosmetics executive Sandi Lesueur. Highlights of her professional experience include the design and launch of several product lines for physicians and celebrities such as dermatologist Dr. Jason Rivers, and Oprah Winfrey’s makeup artist, Derrick Rutledge at OOH Lifestyle. Over her eight-year tenure, she played part in the meteoric rise of M.A.C Cosmetics where she developed expertise to recognize and situate innovative brands as future dominant players in the cosmetics business.

Her health and wellness knowledge — combined with experience in global production, distribution and brand cohesion — will position the newly launched Urban Juve as a unique force in a lucrative, growing sector in full-spectrum health.

The Urban Juve Distinction

The Ayurvedic knowledge and recipes at the heart of Urban Juve take root in a lifetime of experience applied to holistic health care. Now, the brand is flowering into a trusted range of custom-crafted, patented recipes and blends. The formulas centre around the medicinal properties of the root of cannabis sativa, also known as hemp root.

In India, Ayurveda makes use of Cannabis in more than 80 traditional herbal formulas with results that range beyond mere physical and aesthetic impact. Oil that has been extracted from the hemp root is recorded in ancient medicine as providing skin repair and anti-inflammatory effects. As this critical ingredient is balanced and formulated with companion botanicals and carrier oils, it stimulates the healthy regrowth of skin at the molecular level. By promoting the natural death of unhealthy cells, Urban Juve’s recipes renew and restore skin’s health in a fashion that transcends conventional notions of cosmetics. Urban Juve is more than skin-deep beauty, it is a full embrace of the healing properties of the natural world.

Urban Juve Product Launches

Urban Juve’s introductory product line include: an anti-aging serum and a lip balm. The Anti-Aging Serum ($85 CDN) incorporates the soothing qualities of hemp root and hemp seed oil with a proprietary blend of essential oils. This tailored combination absorbs into and hydrates skin cells.

The Urban Juve Lip Balm ($10 CDN) creates a soothing protective layer with coconut oil and beeswax, which provides a healthy, hydrating environment for the critical hemp root and seed oils to moisturize and freshen. A hint of peppermint tops off the formula for a fresh feeling, flavour and aroma.

The company is currently manufacturing another ten products and within, its first year, expects to grow to offer as many as 50 SKUs. These may include massage and body oils, face mists, moisturizer, deodorant, and topical creams for acute and chronic pain.

About The Yield Growth Corp. & Urban Juve

The Yield Growth Corp. is a diverse team of business executives dedicated to rapid, sustainable financial growth for businesses with viable models for success. The team’s experience spans across venture capital, international investor relations and licensing agreements, intellectual property strategies, and corporate governance best practices in North America. Its directors and officers have experience at multi-billion dollar international companies including M.A.C Cosmetics, Aritzia, Skechers, Pepsi and Coca-Cola. Yield Growth owns 100% of Urban Juve Provisions Inc., which has a catalogue of more than 50 wellness formulas.

Yield Growth’s consumer flagship Urban Juve is a brand rooted in the organic synthesis of ancient knowledge and modern techniques to create exceptional beauty and wellness solutions. Ayurvedic knowledge delineates three general categories or skin types, which Urban Juve has translated as Vitalize, Balance and Align, each with its own dedicated range of skin and body care formulations. Urban Juve has registered for sale with Health Canada 26 products containing cannabis sativa hemp oil and has filed 11 provisional patent applications in the United States. Urban Juve’s line of Ayurveda-inspired holistic skin care products are sold in Canada, with distribution agreements signed for the United States and Italy.

For more information about Yield Growth, visit www.yieldgrowth.com or follow @yieldgrowth on Instagram. Visit www.urbanjuve.com and #findyourjuve across social platforms to learn, engage and shop.

About Sandi Lesueur

As President of Urban Juve, Sandi Lesueur’s leadership story begins with one of Canada’s most established and recognized cosmetic companies, MAC Cosmetics. During her time at MAC, she contributed to its growth from a small Canadian-based cosmetic company with only three locations to one of North America’s most trusted brands on the continent. That journey was part of fostering Lesueur’s robust international network of award-winning physicians, chemists, manufacturers and distributors, and given her a business development skill set tailored for cosmetic brands striving for global market share.

In 2005, she applied that knowledge to lead Riversol Skin Care Solutions Inc., starting in a business development and consultancy role and eventually presiding as Chief Executive Officer. Under her vision and leadership, she collaborated with Dr. Jason Rivers to develop Riversol Skin Care Inc. and founded the second line Riversol MD.

She has also worked closely with Hunter Amenities, one of the world’s top three luxury amenity companies to create an line tailored to hotels and airlines.

In 2012 and 2013, she acted as Director of International Business Development for OOH Lifestyle, a cosmetics brand associated with Oprah Winfrey’s makeup artist, Derrick Rutledge. Her business development role at OOH Lifestyle blossomed into a consultancy business, and after departing Riversol in 2015, she was employed with a privately held medical company based out of Cambridge, Ontario with a focus on cosmetic medicine.

Lesueur distinguished herself with Outstanding Achievement Awards for Sales in 2016 and 2017. This is a testament to her drive to successfully sell product and shows her ability to connect with leading cosmetic medical and beauty professionals. She has been interviewed by numerous magazines and newspapers and has appeared on Global Television and CBC to market brands she represents, and to demonstrate her commitment to unique, quality ingredients with strong differentiating factors and potential for significant returns.

As an outspoken and effective brand representative, Sandi has successfully raised capital in order to grow a business and is experienced in attracting attention from cosmetic giants. She successfully creates stand-out brands with the support of international alliances for global manufacturing and distribution and has the experience to initiate clinical trials with key pharmaceutical leaders.

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